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Keep your finger on the pulse of learning!

Días: Lunes 14/02 (11:30 a 13:00 hs) y Jueves 24/02 (14:30 a 16:00 hs)

Talleristas: Alejandra Ottolina, Gabriela Brun y Paola Cossu.

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🗣 Todos talleres son VIRTUALES, GRATUITOS y con INSCRIPCIÓN PREVIA y NO OTORGAN PUNTAJE (Se entregará certificado de asistencia)

Part 1 – Keeping your Finger On the Pulse

By Alejandra Ottolina

We are about to start another school year and we are likely to face a different reality, for which we ought to get ready. Let us start by discussing what really matters in ELT. How important is grammar? Should students study new vocabulary? As teachers, what features do we need the chosen textbook to have? What should our main aims be?

In the first part of this workshop, we will also analyze practical strategies to implement together with On the Pulse 2nd Edition to guarantee enough practice and production as well as fun and the three Learning Cs: cooperation, celebration and communication.

Part 2 – Comprehensive Sexuality Education and On the Pulse 2nd Edition: ideas to incorporate CSE in your classes

By Gabriela Brun and Paola Cossu

Comprehensive Sexuality Education plays a vital role in realizing young people’s right to education, health and well-being and in achieving an inclusive and gender-equal society.

The incorporation of CSE in our classes favours a learner-centred approach and aims at equipping students with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to make informed decisions and navigate the world as they lead healthy and safe lives.

During the second part of this workshop, we will develop some conceptual content, and share ways in which we can bring CSE into the On the Pulse 2nd Edition series and our lessons in general.

Don’t miss this great opportunity not only to learn about On the Pulse 2nd Edition but also to share experiences with colleagues!




Is a highly experienced teacher trainer who has lectured in Argentina as well as in neighbouring countries. Director of Studies at Santa Monica School of Languages, she has taught all levels both in private and state run schools. She is Macmillan’s Academic Coordinator and has authored several Teacher’s Books – For Winners 1–3, Switch On 1–3, and Phases 1–4, among others. At present, Alejandra is doing a degree in Educational Therapy.


Graduated as Profesora de Inglés from ISFD N° 129 (Junín) in 2005 and she holds a degree in Feminist movements and Gender from Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Gabriela has been a teacher educator for more than 15 years. She is currently teaching Intercultural Studies, Academic English and Literature for Children at ISFD N° 129. She also teaches at primary and secondary school. She was the president of the local teachers’ association (APRI) where she organized events for CPD.


Graduated as Profesora de Inglés from ISFD N° 129 and she is a Licenciada en Lengua Inglesa from Universidad de Belgrano. She has also specialized in Education and Technology (organized by the National Ministry of Education).

Paola has been teaching English for more than 15 years. She is currently teaching Methodology and Education and Technology at ISFD 129. She has been delivering CPD courses for Dirección de Formación Permanente – province of Buenos Aires – since 2015.

Both Paola and Gabriela hold a diploma in Comprehensive Sexuality Education from Universidad de San Martín. They have participated in congresses presenting their research on reading comprehension and diversity at the English Teachers’ Training College, which, together with CSE, are their main areas of interest. Currently, they are facilitating workshops on Comprehensive Sexuality Education.


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